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Language: Swedish, English, Danish, Norwegian. ISSN: 0347-772X. Journal of Archaeology and Ancient History (JAAH) (12), 1-57Grabowski, R. (2013). Danish Journal of Archeology, 2(2), 164-196Grabowski, R. (2013).

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Roe deer and gadids predominate, but there are a wide variety of other species represented. Stable isotope analyses of dog bones point to the importance of In 1920 on the island of Lolland, in southern Denmark the remains of one of northern Europe’s richest graves came to light, the Hoby chieftain burial. It revealed a large number of luxurious Roman goods, including two silver drinking cups decorated with Greek-inspired scenes from Homer’s Iliad. The burial dates to the beginning of the Roman Iron Age (1CE -200CE), and represents a key point Journal: Danish Journal of Archaeology: ISSN: 2166-2282: Lund University Box 117, 221 00 LUND Telephone (switchboard): +46-46-222 00 00 Danish Journal of Archaeology This innovative journal is dedicated to the presentation, discussion and interpretation of the archaeological record of southern Scandinavia in its … DANISH JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGY 13 seems the more dominant feature, but the changes completely at 12 m (i.e. standing atop the novel registration of post-built structures has tower), where the entirety of the two rivers, all of the added another dimension, and possible living different areas described above as well as a good part quarters should perhaps be comprehended as of the lowland area of Danish journal of archaeology (Online) Danish journal of archaeology [Elektronisk resurs] ISSN 2166-2290 Publicerad: Abingdon : Taylor & Francis Group, 2012-Engelska. The Danish Journal of Archaeology particularly welcomes contributions that focus on analytical aspects of archaeology, and that place the Danish and south Scandinavian archaeological record within a wider disciplinary context.

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The Journal of Skyscape Archaeology (JSA) is concerned with the role and importance of the sky in the interpretation of the material record.Currently, elements of this study can be found separately in the disciplines of archaeoastronomy, archaeology, cultural astronomy, anthropology and history. Details will appear in a forthcoming issue of the Danish Journal of Archaeology.But if your curiosity is more immediate and tends toward the gustatory, head to a nearby wine-and-beer store and International Journal of Archaeology (IJA) is established specifically to deal with archaeology on a world-wide multiperiod basis. It provides an international forum for innovative, descriptive and theoretical archaeological research, paying particular attention to the role and development of human intellectual abilities and symbolic beliefs and practices,with contributions from an Journal of Roman Archaeology.

Danish journal of archaeology

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The tower  Focus on Fortifications: New Research on Fortifications in the Ancient Mediterranean and the Near East (Fokus Fortifikation Studies 2, Monographs of the Danish  4, Journal of Archaeological Science, journal, 1.293 Q1, 118, 108, 396, 7806, 1222, 391, 2.83, 72.28, US. 5, American Antiquity, journal, 1.226 Q1, 72, 49, 131   Archaeological Textile Review (ATR) is a peer-reviewed journal The Danish Council for Independent Research, Humanities (FKK) in 2012-2014 and the  Formerly known as. Journal of Danish Archaeology (1982 - 2011).

Danish journal of archaeology

23, 2013). I denna kan man läsa mer om fynd av  This article probes Danish tourist brochures and other promotional material distributed Journal of Contemporary History, 55(1), 29-51.  Fornvännen is the leading journal for antiquarian research in Sweden. The leading Scandinavian experts in archaeology and Medieval research mainly in Swedish, sometimes in Danish, Norwegian, English and German. av CH Archaeology — Swedish archaeology and cultural heritage management should adopt in relation to the the party succeeded in getting political support for a Danish cultural canon that tion of research that comes to the fore in international journals such as. om detta kan läsas i av Patrick E. McGovern artikel A biomolecular archaeological approach to 'Nordic grog, Danish Journal of Archaeology,  production i Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries 2-1 (May 2010) 41-78 HALD M. 1980 Ancient Danish Textiles from Bogs and Burials; HECKETT E. Fornvännen is the leading journal for antiquarian research in Sweden. The leading Scandinavian experts in archaeology and Medieval research are published mainly in Swedish, sometimes in Danish, Norwegian, English and German.
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Danish journal of archaeology

Current issue Browse list of issues Explore. Danish Journal of Archaeology, formerly the Journal of Danish Archaeology is an open-access peer-reviewed academic journal that was established in 1982.

Tidsskriftet er et tværfagligt forum, der præsenterer væsentlige resultater af dansk arkæologisk forskning for den internationale fagkreds. Journal Of Danish Archaeology.
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Tåagerup–Fifteen Hundred Years of Mesolithic Occupation in

Årg. 1 Nr. 10 (2020) Danish Journal of Archaeology Vis tidsskrift Nyeste udgave Dansk Lasse Sørensen - Head of Department of Ancient Cultures of Denmark and the Mediterranean, National Museum of Denmark Thomas Grane - Research coordinator, National Museum of Denmark . Advisory Board University Sector-Assoc. Prof.

Vad dricker du på vinets dag? - DinVinguide

av P Karsten · 2001 · Citerat av 16 — GRON, O. and S.A. SERENSEN , 1993.

High-Definition Urban Fashion: Proteins Reveal Preferred Resources for Medieval Leather Shoes . Walton, P, 1988, ‘Dyes and wools in Iron Age textiles from Norway and Denmark’ Journal of Danish Archaeology 7, pp144-158. By Penelope Walton Rogers.